• Market analysis & business incubator
  • Startup & corporate finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Product Development & Interim Management
  • Active Management & Networking



ongetix designs, develops and operates digital business models. The company's activities cover the market analysis for online business cases and their market entry.


Start-up and corporate finance as well as marketing and sales strategies are developed and implemented according to market specifics. Within the scope of Active Management we market digital and online content and also manage e-commerce and mobile commerce.


The business units of ongetix are focused on future-oriented business areas and growth-oriented industries.


Following business areas and industries are covered:




  • E- and Mobile Commerce »
  • Online & Mobile Games »
  • YouTube Channels »
  • Mobile Apps »




  • Media (Online & Digital)
  • TV (Content Smart TV)
  • Smartphone (Apps)
  • Software
  • E-Learning (Education)
  • Trade
  • FMCG
  • Services
  • Financial sector



Years of management experience with national and international corporations, medium-sized companies and startup enables ongetix to benefit from a reliable network of decision-makers and investors.

By working with leading national and international universities ensures the transfer between current scientific developments and business practices.